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Release Badaun, January 30, 2023

Dark Pipeline Management

  • Ability to customize the names of the stages.
  • Ability to reorder the stages.
  • Assign personas to a stage.
  • Total coverage of users within each persona.
  • Total number of uncovered users (not part of a persona) per stage.
  • View trend (growth or decline) of number of users in a persona.

Push contacts to HubSpot or other CRM

  • Select contacts in Humanic and push to CRM for up-sell.
  • Automatically create Deal, Contact, Company or Task.
  • Set default parameters for Task in CRM (e.g. Send reminder after 2 days).

Push contacts to Marketing Automation Tool

  • Automatically enter and remove users from a journey set up in a marketing automation tool.

User View

  • View map of user activity for any and each individual user.
  • Add Notes to users.
  • Tag certain users with custom tags (Favorite, New, At Risk etc.)

Create Persona

  • Ability to create new persona based on user activity and payment data.
  • Ability to update persona based.
  • Distribution based personas.
  • Persona Trends over given time window.
  • Create account based and user based personas.
  • ML based personas (churn, up-sell, cross-sell).

Metrics Layer

  • View and map data elements to persona criteria.
  • Ability to define derived metrics based on raw data.
  • Complex mapping of data.
Release HasanGanj; December 6, 2022

Persona Creation

  • Its now real easy for users create persona's based on multiple (and unlimited) AND/OR combinations and furthermore use GROUP operator to create more complex rules (see below). The Person modal is also minimizable / maximizable for further easy of use.
  • We are now integrated with Mailchimp! (details here). Its easy to integrate by going to the connect data tab. Furthermore, when multiple In the Send to Button for Account and Users all Mailchimp audiences are automatically retrieved. One or many users can be selected and tagged and be part of an audience.
  • A key feature that we introduced was the ability to add a note to the users profile. Notes or any length and any number can be added to a users' profile.
Release Kaluwala; November 17, 2022

Connect Data

  • Persona: For a new user the system automatically computes the three best personas that are relevant. Click here for details on building personas
  • Persona: The updated persona management allows users to easily update or delete personas that will help you keep your list of personas up-to date and easily accessible.
  • Persona: Tool tips are now available for each persona. User can add/edit the description of the persona by clicking on the edit icon on the top right.
  • Persona: Personas are easy to enable or disable. Enabled personas show up in blue but disabled personas show up in grey in the list.

Social Sign in with Google

  • Users can use their Google business email address to Sign up and Sign in.
  • Users can update basic information, update password and update profile details. Note: Profile details are used to recommend the best personas and actions to you.