About Humanic.

Meet the people who are committed to building an industry-first
Agentic Marketing Automation Platform.

Arjun Saksena Humanic
Sukrit Sangwan Humanic
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The Team behind the Team 

Our advisors and investors are pioneers who are passionate about shaping the future.

Forum VC invests in Humanic

Humanic is backed by the Forum VC Accelerator Program, which is based in New York, San Francisco, and Toronto.

Ken Rudin
SVP Growth, Executive Advisor
MailChimp Humanic PLG CRMMailChimp Humanic PLG CRMMailChimp Humanic PLG CRM
John Humphrey
Chief Data Officer
MailChimp Humanic PLG CRM
Agata Celmerowski
ex-VP, Marketing
MailChimp Humanic PLG CRM
Courtney Burry
VP, Product Marketing
MailChimp Humanic PLG CRM
Max Nimaroff
GM DashPass
MailChimp Humanic PLG CRM
Monica Perez
Head, Customer Success
MailChimp Humanic PLG CRM
Madhukar Kumar
MailChimp Humanic PLG CRM
Andrew Reese
Strategic Sales
MailChimp Humanic PLG CRM

Why Humanic is building an
Agentic Marketing Automation Platform?

Our Values

Our vision is to craft simple, creative products for real world challenges. We invite you to join us in our vision!

Thing Big Values Humanic

Think Big

We are unafraid of setting audacious goals.

Can do Values Humanic

Can Do

We don’t get bogged down by challenges.

Embrace Simplicity Values Humanic

Embrace Simplicity

Obsessed with keeping everything simple.

Be Kind Values Humanic

Be Kind

Relationships are everything.