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Humanic feels like magic.

Data Detection & Parsing by Humanic

Data Detection & Parsing

Humanic automatically detects and parses uploaded data. No need to code custom logic for every possible file, we’ll find the data table that matters and clean out the garbage.

Smart column matching

Humanic automatically matches input data to the Humanic SDM - even if the column names are completely different.

Humanic Smart Column Matching Metrics Layer
Amplitude hubspot integration

Smart splitting.

No more janky regex required - automate mundane workflows like splitting names and extracting addresses. Humanic pulls data apart for you so that it’s clean, accurate, and ready to use when it arrives at its destination.

Metrics definition

If you use data for your day-to-day decision-making, you’ve likely asked a set of familiar questions multiple times when encountering metrics. These questions could vary from what the particular metric means fundamentally, as well as how it was calculated or it may be focused on whether the metric is still valid for reporting to the executive team. Get a “seat at the table” as a strategic business enabler for your company.

Data pipelines data warehouse

We make your data usable.

Revenue Leader Metrics Layer

Metrics Layer

We enable Revenue Leaders to define the metrics that they are responsible for. The triggers and reporting are based on these metrics and synced with downstream metrics tools.

Stripe Segment RDS Automatic Transformations

Automatic Transformations

We enable automatic mapping and transformations from standard tools such as Segment, Stripe and Data Warehouses, with minimal involvement from engineering teams

Different weights to different types of product

Humanic Score

We look at recency, frequency, tenure, total revenue and customer fit to enable Automatic triggers