Automate LifeCycle Marketing
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Humanic automates activation and adoption for your inbound leads at scale and with precision.
No more endless user segmentation, manual content & campaign creation.

Powering Product Led Growth for Industry Leaders

Introducing Humanic.

Humanic Lifecycle Marketing Automate Who to Send

Who to Send?

Humanic automatically generates your product onboarding milestones and provide ultra precise segments per milestone.

This uses a mix of user activity and profile data from your product.

No more endless user segmentation and exploration of data.

What to Send? 

AI Powered writing.

Generate content based on what users do in your product and how they respond to your every nudge.

No more manual content creation.

Humanic Lifecycle Marketing Automate What to Send
Humanic Lifecycle Marketing Automate When to Send

When to Send? 

Send perfectly-timed multi modal nudges with precision and at scale.

Humanic learns the best timing to send nudges and can automatically skip recipients who you’ve already messaged recently or engage instantly with the ones who have replied.

No more manual campaign orchestration.

Grow while you Sleep.

Measure impact of the campaigns you send instantly to goals that matter - like conversion or retention.

Unlock the full potential of your data to drive meaningful, personalized experiences at scale.

No more scratching your head on what has worked and what hasn't.

Humanic Lifecycle Marketing Automate Growth while you sleep

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