Turn Users into

Humanic helps you acquire your power users, drive progress of users across your product milestones and analyze the growth and revenue impact on your business.

"Humanic fills a gap in the market, that I haven't seen done properly in any other tool"
Joseph Boston, VP Product, Eat App
Trusted by the modern PLG Companies
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Compute Impact

Easiest way to measure impact of marketing campaigns.

Understand how your North Start Metric is being impacted

Drive Adoption

Progress users across product milestones and pricing-tiers

Auto-Identify product milestones and the most
impactful user segments at each milestone.

Avoid Misconfigurations

Avoid misconfigurations of Marketing campaigns

User segments influencing 80% of your audience are hierarchically organized,
ensuring marketing teams can avoid embarrassing situations that affect brand and loyalty

Align Product, Marketing and Sales TEAms

Seamless cross team
alignment on growth drivers

Humanic streamlines segmentation and
declutters campaigns for effortless team alignment

Introducing the Humanic PLG OS.

If you are implementing a PLG Strategy. Humanic is must have tool to scale revenue

product qualified leads

Plug and Run

Brings all the necessary data and keeps it updated in real time without requiring an expensive data team or a Data Warehouse and Reverse ETL Tools.

plg motion

Auto created Segments

Explore the power of having PQL metrics in one convenient place. Visualize performance, experiment quickly and discover metrics that work for you.

plg funnel

Analyze Impact

Easily orchestrate nudges to user segments across Marketing Automation Tools and Push PQA's to your CRM Tool(s).

What our users have to say.

A must have tool for rapidly growing PLG companies.

Nick Colvill | President Jurat | Product Led Company

Nick Colvill

President, Jurat
Nov 24, 2022

Humanic has provided greater insight in to our business than ever before, and helps us group users together into cohorts that allow for more personalized marketing opportunities.

Max Nimaroff | GM DashPass | DoorDash | Customer Acquisition

Max Nimaroff

GM, DashPass, DoorDash
Jan 17, 2022

Consumer segmentation is readily available for advertisers, but not for growth professionals. As an operator, one of my biggest pain points is not having the information I need to understand the nuance in consumer behavior necessary to make the improvements in our service that matter most. Humanic is helping to solve this need by leveraging product data to generate consumer segments in the background.

John Humphrey | MailChimp | Reverse ETL

John Humphrey

Chief Data
Officer, MailChimp
Sep 12, 2022

The customer behaviors already captured by product-led growth companies hold tremendous potential to drive increased revenue, and Humanic is built to help companies realize this potential.

Monica Perez | Head of Customer Success | Notion | Customer Success Teams

Monica Perez

Head of Customer
Success, Notion
July 10, 2022

I'm confident that if we have the Humanic like tool in the early stages of Notion, our growth would have been even faster.

Andrew Reese | GTM Strategy | Canva

Andrew Reese

GTM Strategy, Canva
Oct 27, 2022

“It’s hard for early-stage PLG startups to understand and track their ever-changing user base. Humanic is unique in that they’re specifically building a tool for companies in this stage”

Andrew Reese | GTM Strategy | Canva

Viraj Verma

CEO Thekabook
Oct 27, 2022

"Humanic Provides easy Aggregation of organisational enabling sales and product team to track custom cohorts and track them. As one of the initial users, We are actively using Humanic to identify our personas in the 'Personas' Section and easily track them in 'Stages' section. The plug-and-play with different data sources makes it super easy to plug into different data streams and can be easily done by anyone without any coding. Wonderful for small teams like us as well as super useful at scale. Looking forward to scale up our users and revenue by using 'insights' section that is coming soon... Kudos to the team! Cheers."