Guide to Implementing PLG by Mario Araujo
Jan 25, 2024

Guide to Implementing PLG by Mario Araujo

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Join us for an insightful discussion with Mario Araujo, the Vice President of Growth at Graphext, as we explore the complexities and evolving maturity of Product-Led Growth (PLG). We examine the evolution of PLG, its adoption challenges, and the journey towards achieving high maturity, enriched by insights from Mario's extensive experience in the field.

Here's what's in store for you:

(00:00) Welcoming Mario Exploring His Journey in Product and Growth Advisory

(01:00) Discussing the Evolving Field of PLG and Mario's Role in It

(03:00) The Dynamics of PLG for Startups Challenges and Initial Steps

(08:00) Key Strategies for Early PLG Adoption and Success Indicators

(18:00) Progressing to Advanced PLG Identifying Maturity Indicators

(25:00) Defining High PLG Maturity Data-Driven Decisions and User Insights

(30:00) Personal Insights Mario Shares Quotes and PLG Failures

(34:00) Contact and Further Engagement with Mario

About the Speaker:
Mario Araujo, as the Vice President of Growth at Graphext, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in product growth. In his current role, Mario focuses on simplifying data exploration and creating predictive models. His authority in the PLG community is further bolstered by his previous transformative work at Outsystems and the insights shared on his 'PLG False Starts' podcast.

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