MixPanel & Humanic
Jul 12, 2023

MixPanel & Humanic

Mixpanel is a powerful Product Analytics tool that is used by thousands of companies around the world. It has two main offerings

  • The ability to create cohorts of users based on user behavior in the product.  
  • The ability to find correlation between different user action to overall KPI's such as engagement and retention.

It was built for Product Managers to find

causal relationships between changes in product KPIs and user behavior, and feature launches so you can build products that move the needle.

It is part of the broader analytics space with tools such as Amplitude, ThoughtSpot, Mode, Looker and others who have the mission to let you understand why something is happening in your product. So you can understand it and built a better product. You have you to instrument your application with MixPanel or utilize Segment to pipe raw data into MixPanel for it to work.

In other words MixPanel is essential tool required for Product-Led Growth companies.

The Modern PLG Revenue Team which consists of Marketing and Growth people (and fewer sales people) require more than just product usage data to understand user behavior. They need to ability to retrieve data from payment tools such as Stripe, Segment, Intercom and even CRM tools such as HubSpot to identify, convert and retain their best users. This is where MixPanel falls short in meeting the needs of the Modern Team.

Product Analytics only tells you what is happening and is necessary but not sufficient for PLG Revenue Teams to accelerate growth.