Driving higher activation rates for PLG companies

To send an email you have to make,
three simple decisions...

Humanic Lifecycle Marketing Automate Who to Send

Who to Send?

Humanic automatically generates your product onboarding milestones and provides ultra-precise segments per milestone.

This uses a mix of user activity and profile data from your product.

No more endless user segmentation and exploration of data.

What to Send?

AI Powered writing.

Generate content based on what users do in your product and how they respond to your every nudge.

No more manual content creation.

Humanic Lifecycle Marketing Automate What to Send
Humanic Lifecycle Marketing Automate When to Send

When to Send?

Keep a track of the narrative you've tried and it's impact.

Humanic learns what's working and what's not for your users at each milestone, and regenerates the email content automatically.

You can focus on driving the North Star Metric, and leave the rest to us.

Increase Revenue

Humanic helps Marketing and Growth Teams make these decisions at scale.

Humanic Lifecycle Marketing Automate Growth while you sleep

What are AI Agents?

AI agents allow you to leverage the power of Large Language Models (LLM's) to drive higher efficiencies in your daily workflows.

Brand Expert

Ensures brand safety in any conversation
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Ensures actionable segments without clutter. 'Who to send?'
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Content Expert

Generates contextual content for every user. 'What to send?'
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Ensures sends are based on a strategy. 'When to send?'
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Driving Higher Activation

"Most PLG companies leave 5x growth on the table,
because its too hard to drive activation."
Shek Vishwanathan
CPO, Apollo.io

Import Cohorts & Content

Get Started Quickly by importing cohorts and content, so you can build upon existing work.

Visual Flow

Drag and Drop templates to easily optimize automations, pre-built by AI agents

Build Beautiful On Brand Emails

Full Control to keep your emails brand safe

Continuous Optimization

Your email sequences don't need to be static.


AI agents allow you to create messages for each user

What our users have to say.

A must have tool for rapidly growing PLG companies.