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Come join an exclusive network of PLG thought leaders and operators in building the ultimate platform for PQL metrics and playbooks. No more starting from scratch - we're committed to helping each other succeed by collaborating together, so everyone can get back valuable time & resources instead of reinventing the wheel!

White Glove Wendy Persona Humanic
Talk to no one Tom Persona Humanic
Heavy Collaborator Hari Persona Humanic
Meticulous Monica Persona Humanic
No Activity Nick Persona Humanic
Similar Sam Persona Humanic

Humanic PLG category focus.

Given that the PLG landscape is very large we focus on bundling the PQL metrics and PQL playbooks that have worked for the following categories at different stages of ARR and the number of users.
(Inspired by the PLG Market Map)

Productivity and Collaboration Personas by ARR

Productivity & Collaboration  

Developer Tools  

Developer Tool Personas by ARR
Customer Engagement Personas by ARR

Customer Engagement

Back Office & Operations

Back Office Personas by ARR