Loop.so vs Humanic

Overview of Loops.so


Email Marketing Platform for SaaS Companies


The Email Platform for SaaS


Loops.so is an email platform designed specifically for SaaS companies to send both marketing and transactional emails. It allows tracking events and contact properties to send targeted emails for increasing revenue, engagement, and improving the user experience.


SaaS (Software as a Service)

Primary Use Cases

  • Sending product updates and announcements to users
  • Creating onboarding email sequences to engage new users
  • Sending transactional emails like password resets, login confirmations, etc.
  • Building complete user journeys with timely and relevant emails
  • Sending newsletters to keep users informed


  • Drag-and-drop email editor for creating emails without coding
  • Personalization of emails using dynamic content
  • Ability to import contacts via CSV, API, or integrations
  • Segmentation of audience using contact properties for targeted emails
  • Customizable forms for collecting signups on website
  • Automated email sequences (called "Loops") based on triggers and conditions
  • Transactional email sending via API
  • Integrations with thousands of platforms via Zapier, Make, Segment, etc.
  • Webhook integration with Stripe for syncing customers and payment-based emails
  • Dark mode support for emails


  • Free:
    • Up to 1,000 contacts
    • Up to 2,000 sends/month
    • Full access to all features
  • $49/month:
    • Up to 5,000 contacts
    • Unlimited sends to your audience
    • Full access to all features
  • Enterprise:
    • Over 100,000 contacts
    • Unlimited sends
    • Full access to all features
    • Pricing available on contact

Detailed Comparison: Loops.so vs. Humanic.ai

Why Choose Loops.so?

Ideal For

  • SaaS companies looking for an all-in-one email platform
  • Businesses needing to send both marketing and transactional emails
  • Teams wanting a simple drag-and-drop email builder
  • Companies using Stripe for payments that want to sync customer data

When to Use

  • If you need to create onboarding email sequences to improve user activation
  • When you want to send targeted product updates and announcements based on user properties
  • If you require an easy way to create and send transactional emails like password resets
  • When you want to build complete user journeys mapping emails to user actions


  • Lacks advanced AI capabilities for hyper-personalization compared to Humanic.ai
  • May not have as deep integrations with product analytics platforms
  • Doesn't offer AI-powered optimization of email send times
  • Segmentation requires manual setup of user cohorts

Why Choose Humanic.ai?

Ideal For

  • PLG (Product-Led Growth) SaaS companies looking to drive higher user activation
  • Businesses wanting to leverage AI for hyper-personalized user communications
  • Companies using product analytics tools like Amplitude, Segment, customer.io
  • Teams who want AI assistance in creating effective email strategies and content

When to Use  

  • If you want to automatically generate user cohorts based on product usage data
  • When you need AI to help determine the optimal email strategy for activation
  • If you want AI-powered writing assistance to generate compelling email content
  • When you need the system to optimize email send times for each user


  • AI-powered Segmentation Expert for automatic cohort creation from product data
  • Strategy Agent that generates full email sequence and adjusts based on goals
  • Content Agent that assists in writing effective email copy
  • Tight integrations with Amplitude, Segment and other product analytics tools
  • AI-optimized email send times personalized for each user


  • May lack some email creation features compared to Loops' full-fledged email builder
  • Transactional email sending capabilities not as prominently highlighted
  • Pricing and free plan details not clearly available on website
  • Narrower focus on user activation use case vs Loops' broad email platform


In summary, while both Loops.so and Humanic.ai serve the email needs of SaaS businesses, they each have unique strengths.

Loops.so excels as a comprehensive email platform to create and send all types of emails, with an intuitive drag-and-drop builder. It's well-suited for SaaS companies that need a single tool for marketing emails, transactional emails, and user journey emails. The Stripe integration is a standout for syncing customer data.

On the other hand, Humanic.ai leverages AI to enable PLG SaaS companies to drive user activation. Its AI agents for segmentation, strategy, and content make it easier to create personalized, effective email campaigns. The deep integrations with product analytics tools allow hyper-personalization based on product usage.

For SaaS companies focused on user activation and looking to harness AI, Humanic.ai could be the better fit. But for those needing a versatile email tool with a wide range of capabilities, Loops.so is a compelling all-in-one solution. The ideal choice depends on the specific needs and priorities of each business.

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