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Overview of


B2B Marketing Automation Platform


The modern B2B marketing automation platform


Inflection is a marketing automation platform that lets you activate your product data and data warehouse to drive more pipeline, product adoption, and revenue expansion, all from one platform.

Industry serves B2B SaaS companies.

Primary Use Cases

  • Pipeline Generation: Generate enterprise pipeline from existing customers by running journeys that improve conversions and create net new pipeline based on product usage.
  • User Activation: Deliver aha moments that drive long-term user retention and reduce time to activation.
  • Customer Retention: Reach executives and bring users back into the product with targeted campaigns.
  • Revenue Expansion: Develop new expansion opportunities from existing customers by delivering contextual content to drive higher engagement.
  • Scaled Customer Success: Maintain personal relationships with tens of thousands of users without having to hire many more CSMs.


  • Stream in data from product events, Salesforce, and data warehouses with native zero-ETL functionality
  • Advanced B2B audience segmentation based on account, workspace, people hierarchy and data from CRM, product events, lists, marketing activity
  • Execute triggered and batch email campaigns for onboarding, adoption, revenue expansion, pipeline generation
  • Full account and user journey orchestration with branching based on CRM or product data
  • Industry-first "nested journeys" to combine multiple programs on a single canvas
  • Build personalization off CRM and product data using Excel-like functions
  • Automatically sync and measure impact on Salesforce Campaigns and pipeline
  • Easy WYSIWYG implementation enabling speed to market


  • Starting at $36,000 per year
  • Includes audience builder, personalization builder, journey builder, WYSIWYG email builder, historical data replay, Segment and CRM 2-way sync, nested journeys, webhooks, SSO, data warehouse sync, user org journeys, 25K monthly marketed contacts (MMCs)
  • Additional MMCs available for a fee per MMC
  • Free unpersonalized batch emails to 10X size of contracted MMCs
  • Dedicated CSM, premium support, implementation and onboarding services included
  • Unlimited users

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Why Choose

Ideal For

  • B2B SaaS companies with a sales-led growth model looking to layer on product-led growth motions
  • Enterprises with large customer databases (up to 100 million contacts) and complex account hierarchies
  • Organizations with dedicated customer success and sales teams that need visibility into product usage

When to Use

  • Generating enterprise pipeline from existing customers by leveraging product usage data
  • Delivering executive-level business reviews and bringing users back into the product
  • Developing expansion opportunities by delivering highly contextual content based on how customers are using the product
  • Enabling customer success teams to maintain high-touch relationships with many customers at scale


  • Lacks AI-powered capabilities for hyper-personalization and content generation
  • Requires manual setup and management of audience segments, journeys and content
  • May be cost-prohibitive for early-stage startups or companies with smaller customer databases
  • Focused primarily on prospect and customer email communications rather than in-app messaging

Why Choose

Ideal For

  • Product-led growth companies looking to drive user activation and unlock growth potential
  • Startups and scaleups that need to get up and running quickly without heavy implementation
  • Teams that want to leverage AI to automate and optimize their marketing efforts
  • Companies using leading product analytics platforms like Amplitude and Segment

When to Use

  • Automatically generating user cohorts based on product usage data to drive activation
  • Collaborating with AI agents to build out optimized email content and sequences
  • Determining ideal send times to maximize user activation and engagement
  • Directly tracking impact on key product milestones and activation metrics


  • Agentic Marketing Automation that utilizes AI to hyper-personalize user communications
  • Tight integrations with product analytics platforms for seamless data syncing
  • Strategy and Content Agents that learn and optimize over time
  • Quick time-to-value with easy import of existing user cohorts and one-click data connections
  • Unlocks significant growth opportunities by solving user activation challenges


  • Focused specifically on user activation for product-led growth companies, rather than full-funnel marketing automation
  • May not have all the enterprise-grade features and scalability of platforms like Inflection
  • AI-generated content may require human review and editing for brand voice and accuracy
  • Relatively new entrant to the market compared to more established players


For B2B enterprises with large customer databases and sales-led growth models, provides a robust solution to layer on product-led growth motions. Its ability to stream in data from multiple sources, create complex account-based journeys, and measure pipeline impact make it well-suited for organizations with dedicated sales and success teams.

However, product-led growth companies struggling with user activation challenges may find to be a more ideal fit. By leveraging AI to automate audience segmentation, content generation, and campaign optimization, can help PLG companies unlock significant growth opportunities. The platform's focus on activation and tight integration with product analytics tools also enables a quicker time-to-value.

Ultimately, the choice between and will depend on a company's specific growth model, team structure, and primary use cases. While excels at enterprise-grade marketing automation, is uniquely positioned to solve activation challenges and drive growth for PLG companies. By carefully evaluating their needs and priorities, organizations can select the solution that will best support their goals.

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