Pocus vs. Humanic
Feb 2, 2023

Pocus vs. Humanic

We often get asked this question how is Humanic different from Pocus.

If Pocus is Photoshop, Humanic is Canva!

For mature and dedicated revenue teams, Pocus provides the perfect way to enhance their existing sales process with product usage data.

Humanic, on the other hand, provides a solution specifically for early-stage PLG companies who are looking for ways to differentiate qualified leads from large numbers of sign ups.

The CRM Chasm

Most sub $10M ARR PLG companies don't end up using their CRM!

Why? Because nothing changes in the CRM if you don't go change it.

A traditional CRM is not connected to data and not configured to update records when you have new self-serve users in your product. Therefore, most micro teams find it much easier to co-ordinate activity in excel sheets or similar rather than an CRM.

As your user base grows to thousands, the challenge of managing customer sign-ups increases multi-fold in complexity. To identify the limited number of potential "Product Qualified Leads" (PQLs), you need an efficient way to track and measure their progress continuously. A PLG CRM is purpose built to connect to the relevant data sets to allow you to identify real potential customers.

Managing user sign ups in your CRM may not be the most efficient option - here's why.

  1. It creates clutter in your CRM with large number of low quality leads
  2. Unable to prioritize the leads based on product usage data
  3. Can't see how one individual is related to others in your user base
  4. Hard to see trends.
  5. Increased cost

Product Led Sales vs PLG CRM

How do you think about these two different approaches. Below we share our perspective.


Uncovering your dark pipeline is essential to an early stage PLG business. The payment database acts as a de-facto CRM, providing valuable insights into monthly versus annual plans, refunds processed and past payment failures - however it's not enough on its own. To truly understand your dark pipeline - user activity data needs to be incorporated from platforms such as Segment or RudderStack.

PLG CRM has been designed to help the Modern Revenue Team - a team that is data driven and therefore needs direct access to the user activity data, without delays! It also needs the ability to group uses into cohorts (we call them personas) based on metrics and experiment with these PQL metrics to find the right set. The CRM if it exists it is being used sparingly and is not the source of truth.


Product Led Sales is revolutionizing the way companies reach potential customers. This process utilizes existing CRM data and enriches it with user activity information, allowing salespeople to access personalized customer insights for each specific territory - optimizing efficiency while increasing conversions.

If you're confident that product market fit is established, the right choice to maximize growth potential may be transitioning into the Modern Data Stack. This comprehensive system of technology will require a substantial investment and includes features such as a reliable data warehouse - serving as your source of truth – along with Reverse ETL and an experienced data team who can provide real-time user activity insights while ensuring CRM Deals, Contact information, Company profiles et cetera are correctly updated.

In summary, a PLS system allows you to define when a user has graduated from self-serve to sales.