Join the Community to develop better Personas
Mar 19, 2023

Join the Community to develop better Personas


Discovering the right personas for your product or service is pain staking work. It takes time to test a hypothesis and iterate till you start seeing an impact.

Revenue teams at most early-stage PLG Companies start with a clean slate design. They come up with several hypotheses, based on demographics and firmographic data, which is great for lead gen but falls short for up-sell and retention.

In some companies, personas exist, or at least an attempt has been made to create them. But oftentimes these facsimiles of users don't hold much sway over the revenue team's strategies and projects - they're often just another piece of documentation that is circulated for a while till it's moved to the archives.

How will a community help me with personas?

With Product-led Growth (PLG) go-to-market motion this needs to change.

"PLG Revenue teams need to think more like Product people and develop user activity based personas. The key to successful outreach is not who the user is but what the user is trying to get done"

A lot of us have been in situations where we've tried to sell our idea and found ourselves struggling with getting approval from others or gaining momentum toward achieving success—but it is worth the effort to align what the team is building to what you are selling.

At Humanic, we have a simple mission to create a safe space for leaders and teams at revenue, growth, and marketing teams at early stage Product-led companies.

Build the most useful place for members to build personas that are real

There are five tenets for our community and these are

How community can help you build personas

#1. User Centric

Personas need to be created that capture the fears, anxieties, hopes, and dreams  of real users of your product. This one-dimensional focus results in sub-optimal personas that do not accurately identify the needs of the customer. Our focus is to build composite portraits based on a set of factors.

#2. Real

Often times personas are described in terms of product features or the level of competency of the user in using the product.

#3. Impactful

Creating personas is a means to an end. They are a framework to better understand your potential users so that you can serve them better. The personas that get used are the ones that you can connect to a mitigation strategy to achieve an outcome.

#4. Tested

Discovery personas that work in art and science. It takes time to test a hypothesis and iterate till you start seeing an impact. Many teams around the world

#5. Evolving

Early cohorts are people that are comfortable with the friction sign-up for the product need. And you know they're happy with the experience that you're offering. But as time goes on you realize that you've kind of captured all of those people. And so you need to evolve your product to identify new segments of people that are interested in what you might be doing. 

Notion Personas

We worked on developing the personas listed below in the workshop with Monica Perez, Head of Customer Success at Notion. You can watch the recording of the workshop on our YouTube channel here:

Personas at Notion

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